Construction Consulting

Candor Construction has fulfilled and completed millions of square feet of new and retrofit construction. Our experience and in-depth knowledge provides expert evaluation and management of the construction process.

At Candor Construction, we have demonstrated a “best practices” approach in construction consulting services.

Construction Consulting

This includes:

Project planning — including site selection and feasibility studies;
Financial preparation — including the creation of preliminary budgets all the way through to final construction estimates and comparisons;
Construction scheduling and critical path method analysis. For instance, the project manager will (either manually or using computer software) lay out all activities needed to complete the project, the order they must be completed in, the time it will take to complete each activity, and then he or she will diagram the process. This helps us predict whether a project can be completed on time and can be used to reorganize the project before starting it, and as it progresses, to keep the project’s completion on track. Thus, we can ensure that the deliverable is ready on time;
Construction Management for all phases of the development and construction process. This is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to end.

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