Worship Centers

In many ways, the building(s) of a worship center offer a statement of invitation to those passing by, as well as to the members of the congregation, to “come in, you are welcomed here.”  Not only is it fundamental to understand and appreciate the appearance of a site and the buildings of a worship center, it is deeply important to understand the financial challenges facing most congregations.

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Candor Construction  has demonstrated, time and time again, that balancing the need of a congregation to expand its facilities —in tandem with their financial abilities — is not only possible, but practical, when designing and building in a worship setting.  It has been especially rewarding to share our time, our experience, and our expertise with congregations who impact their local community in so many positive ways.

Come meet with one of our professionals and decide for yourself what others have come to realize: that you are in good hands when Candor Construction is working for you.


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